Buy erection pills online

Buy erection pills online

For many of us the only solution for Erectile Dysfunction is with erection pills and the only solution to get ed pills is online. So here at this blog post we want to focus on “Buy erection pills online” and especially where!?!?

Where to Buy erection pills online?

Of course at an online pharmacy or online drugstore, but why? Because this is a place where you can order erection pills for much cheaper prices than at your local pharmacist. On top of that you save money as you don’t need a prescription. However, make sure you visit ONLY a trusted online pharmacy or trusted pharmacy as there are many dodgy online pharmacies out there selling you crap…

Our advice where to buy Erection Pills…

Therefore we are here to advise you a mail order pharmacy where you can order ViagraCialisLevitraKamagraStendra and other ED treatments cheap, safe, easy and for sure good quality. We ourselves order at Pharmacy XL already for more than 5 years our Erection Pills !!!

Their prices are up to 70% cheaper than at your local drugstore, they don’t require a prescription, but just a short questionnaire and they have free shipping worldwide! We can recommend them to anyone.

Viagra Cialis Levitra

Viagra Cialis Levitra

One of the common questions about erection pills is which of the ED pills is best! At this blog post we discuss Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and which is best. Let’s discuss them step by step and then come to a simple conclusion.


Viagra was the first erection pill ever and is made out of Sildenafil Citrate. It works up to 6 hours and costs very expensive at your doctor, but quite cheap if you order it at an online pharmacy we recommend in generic format like Generic Viagra …


Cialis is the only erection pill which works much longer than Viagra, it works up to 36 hours and is made from Tadalafil or Tadalafil Citrate. It is very expensive at your doctor, but much cheap if you order it at an online drugstore we recommend in generic format like Generic Cialis …

and last but not least… Levitra…


Levitra is the erection pill from Germany by Bayer and is made out of Vardenafil. It works up to 6 hours, similar like Viagra and costs very expensive at your doctor like all the other erection tablets, but quite cheap if you order it at a mail order pharmacy we recommend in generic format like Generic Levitra …

All the 3 erection pills (Viagra, Cialis,Levitra) are quality and good working erection pills and you can best order them online at a trusted pharmacy. Personal preference may decide which pills you prefer most, however if you want a long erection Cialis is the way to go (36 hours !!! ). If you want normal sex and power for a couple of hours Viagra and Levitra is perfect. With the low price of Generic Viagra, probably this pill is preferred. However some still may prefer Levitra, as Vardenafil works better for them. If you can’t choose, try and ED Trial pack with all 3 erection pills in one pack, so you can try them all!!!!